Andreas Wannerstedt – Sliding Zeus XL

Introduction on Andreas Wannerstedt. 

Andreas Wannerstedt is an art director and artist from Stockholm, Sweden. For the past 14 years, Andreas has worked with famous and well-known brands like Google, Omega, Swarovski, Dropbox, Adidas, Ikea, Spotify, Absolut Vodka, Red Bull, Squarespace, and etc. On a worldwide basis, he has amazed and captivated millions of spectators while stressing on Vice, Behance Network, Designboom, Stash Magazine, Fubiz, Vimeo Staff-Pick, 9gag, UNILAD, VT, Huffington Post, Business Insider, LAD Bible, FWA, Designcollector, and Mindsparkle Mag among others.

What about his work?

Crafting unique and rare 3D statuaries along with hypnotic looping animations, Andreas’s imagery and style is fanciful and complex focusing on easy and playful geometric shapes in balanced compositions. In addition, the winding of the combination between organic textures and congruent colors is visible and obvious within the artist’s artwork. Also, Andreas’s flawlessly harmonized animations give viewers a sense of satisfaction often described as odd. This is because Andreas focuses on mesmerizing his audience in a way that makes them feel calm and relaxed, kind of like a meditative feeling. 

Even though Andreas’s artworks are somewhat realistic and based on actual attitudes, they are often limitless when it comes to crossing the restrictions of patience, gravity and friction, allowing limitless movements of the freshest direction. 

Sliding Zeus – XL 

On Monday, June 21, 2021, Andreas is set to release five NFT large digital outdoor installations on Nifty Gateway. The second artwork included in the collection is titled Sliding Zeus XL and is quite mesmerizing. 

The artwork is a 3D illustration of the god Zeus whose head seems to be sliding on a moving square-like center piece. The illustration is set to be on the water side between two stair parts. The proportions of the animation are very detailed and well-established that the viewer might think at first that the head is definitely going to fall, but it doesn’t! The head is stable and still, moving in a steady way. In addition, Andreas mentions that the sound design has been established by @resonatelondon.