Luke Penry – Jungle Pipes

Who is Luke Penry? 

Luke Penry is a 3D artist and generalist currently residing in South London. The main tools that he uses while crafting his work are Tyflow, 3D Studio Max, Phoenix FD and After Effects. He asks a question on his Instagram bio, and we quote, “What you doin snoopin around my garden?” 

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Penry developed a certain passion towards photorealism and nature embedded within most of his artworks. He refers to himself as an abstract nature artist who utilizes a combination of simulated, animated and procedural ways for his art. Moreover, Penry believes that art is the best way for him to keep himself busy and creative, until death comes for him, as stated by him. 

Jungle Pipes NFT!

Recently, on Foundation, Penry released a 3D animated and simulated NFT artwork titled Jungle Pipes. It revolves around, like usual, abstract nature, fungi, plants and organic beings. He also states on Foundation that this artwork caused a lot of disarray, especially in India. This is because they thought that it is a plant called “Oodhu Paavai – A medicinal plant on the verge of extinction, only growing in dense rainforests, blowing its pollen with sound”. 

This artwork went viral, simply because of this confusion when members of the Indian Foreign Service started sharing it. This looping animation caused people to try to expose it and find the initial origin online. Interesting right? Check it out!