Tigran Manukyan – Pink Soldiers

Introduction on Tigran Manukyan. 

Tigran Manukyan is an Armenian motion graphics artist as well as a 2D and 3D animator from Yerevan. He has had a vast experience in the field working with renowned and famous clients such as Givenchy, Vitamalz, BVLGRI, Roche, Amway, GSMA, Howbrite, AMR, UNDP, Bluecrest, Coca Cola, WorldExpoAstana, LVMH Digital, and more. 

Pink Soldiers NFT ! 

Now, you’ve definitely heard of the trending and viral Netflix series recently released titled Squid Games. Well, Manukyan took advantage of the series’ hype and decided to drop a 3D animated NFT video titled Pink Soldiers. These soldiers reflect Squid Game 3D characters, specifically resembling the “supervisors” or army in the series. He created the artwork using Cinema4D. 

The artwork illustrates the Squid Game army marching holding their guns in their hands. You can also see them putting on their full costume, with the different masks with either the O, the triangle, or the square, each explaining the hierarchy! However, the captivating thing is that the soldiers do look like 3D figures rather than real and actual figures. Even the music used is the official thrilling music used in the series. Have you seen the series yet? Well, check the artwork both ways!