Grif – Lady Nature

Who is Grif?

Grif is, well just Grif, as he describes himself. He is a visual artist and director at Grif Studio, based in New York City. Throughout his years of experience, Grif has received several awards and features for his work and art. In 2012, he won the ADC Young Guns and in 2015, he won the PRINT magazines New Visual Artist award. Recently, he was named among the Louis Vuitton 200 Visionaries list.

Today, and just like many artists, Grif is debuting and selling NFT artworks on renowned NFT marketplaces. Who isn’t, right?

Lady Nature NFT artwork

On SuperRare, Grif debuted an NFT artwork titled Lady Nature. It is a 3D abstract and surreal illustration of a woman standing showing only the back of her head, or to be more specific, in a semi profile way. What is mesmerizing being the fact that at the beginning of the artwork, she has a bald head, which later on grows flowers.

Grif describes the artwork on SuperRare, and we quote, “A dense patchwork of flowers arranged in a Dutch-garden style bloom on the head of a young woman, set against an infinite sky. The vibrant floral arrangement symbolizes youth, optimism, and beauty. The looping animation emphasizes the natures cycles, life, death, and the passing of time.”