Loudsqueak – De.saturate

Who is Loudsqueak?

Loudsqueak is a multidimensional fine digital artist based in Los Angeles, California. As an artist, he focuses on drawing the analogy and simulation between people and particles. He recently started working around the study of the combination among particles flocks, particles, cluster, avoid, and the change from solid to gas and to liquid.

As Loudsqueak says, people tend to classify themselves as per their socioeconomic status, race and locale. Throughout his art, he wants to have his audience socialize with people around them. He says, and we quote, “we are all driven by the laws of physics - humanity is not an anomaly”.  

De.saturate NFT collection!

Recently, on SuperRare, Loudsqueak released an NFT series titled De.saturate, made of three pieces. The first piece is named three minutes of inactivity, the second is i blinked between dawn and dusk, and the third is narrow gamuts not allowed. They are all created with the particles mentioned before which Loudsqueak focuses on within his artworks.

Loudsqueak describes the pieces by saying, and we quote, “what i thought was temporary has left something permanent” for the first one. “When feelings fade, all that’s left is a
memory” for the second one and “a range of stimuli leads to a range of responses” for the third one. As you gaze at the artworks, you cannot but be blown away by the vibrant colors, the particles flowing, and, as mentioned by Loudsqueak, the laws of physics.