Yonvisuals – Genesis Series

Who is Yonvisuals?

Yonvisuals is a visual artist, creator, thinker and NFT enthusiast. He refers to himself as a “super weird normal human being” on his Twitter account. He also mentions that he is located in the metaverse.

Yon has been in the artistic field since 10 years and has recently created a series which reflects how far he has reached with his art. He also refers to it as “deeply personal” even though it is not only related to himself, but to a whole lot of people around him!

The Genesis Series

Tapping into mental health issues, the Genesis series is a message from Yon to people in this situation to come out and deal with this by bringing them to the open, starting by himself! He wants it to be a “vehicle that carries the discussion and reduces the stigma around mental health”, as he mentions on his website.

“Introspection” and “vulnerability” are the main elements behind the process of creating these pieces. Through this looping set of pieces, Yon managed to take control over these mental health issues by deconstructing them then reshaping them. Even naming each piece was unique and special. He gives each character a positive adjective with a negative feeling. This blend is sarcastic, but aims to create a balance since mainly people see this situation as negative rather than positive.

This is quite interesting!

Yon says on his website, and we quote, “Ultimately, this series acts as a reminder that we can turn challenges into opportunities, and struggles into strengths. I hope that it brings you a sense of relief and solace in face of the challenging experiences we encounter every day.”